Hosted Email Solutions

Advoco can host either your email through Microsoft Exchange.  Hosting can be the cheapest and most reliable way of implementing a business email system into your business.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is an email centric system which co-ordinates email and other forms of communication across an office network. Everyone on the system can share address lists, schedule meetings, and co-ordinate their calendars. You use Exchange through the Microsoft Outlook application.

In our experience, Exchange massively improves the flexibility, efficiency, and co-ordination of the small office or business. It's also great for mobile workforces and home workers.

Until recently Microsoft Exchange has been aimed at the larger corporate market due to the relatively high costs of implementation. Now for the first time, Microsoft Exchange is a cost-effective proposition for smaller businesses looking to benefit from collaborative working.

Key Features

Outlook 2007

A full version of Outlook 2007 is included FREE with Hosted Exchange mailboxes.

Mobile Access

Using a PocketPC device or Blackberry device to send and receive emails and stay on top of your calendar and contacts has never been easier - instant access to your critical information anytime, anywhere

Easy Data Migration

We can seamlessly transfer your existing emails to Exchange, no problem. The process usually takes a weekend.


Full Anti-Virus protection, with inbound, outbound AND internal mail all virus checked by 8 continually updated virus engines. Effective Spam Filtering keeps your inbox clear and frees up valuable time.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

See an immediate increase in communications efficiency and team productivity when your key workers regain lost time by being able to access their email and other vital information on the move and at home.

Share Your Information

For multi-site companies or companies without a networked office, users can use features like public folders to share and distribute information. All each user needs is internet access.

Why a hosted rather than local server?

We offer two flavours of Exchange: "local" on a server in your office, or "hosted" on servers in a professional data centre. We generally recommend the hosted route to our smaller customers for the following reasons:


Engineers monitor and manage the Hosted Exchange servers 24x7, not an economical option for a small company's server.


Under most conditions. A local server is only worth considering if you frequently store huge attachments in your mailbox.

More Secure

Hosted Exchange has bank-grade physical and electronic security plus monitoring.


Even if your office is destroyed, you and your staff can still send and receive emails from any web browser anywhere.


Local servers require expensive upgrades as you add users, hosted solutions don't.

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