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Maximizers workflow automation ensures users comply with your processes and data standards, without wasting valuable senior management time.

Maximizer Workflow Automation with KnowledgeSyncWorkflow Automation

KnowledgeSync Workflow automation within Maximizer is a series of tools/functionality aimed at helping your business:

  • Record a better quality of data.
  • Push users to follow a process.
  • Reduce the time required to manage the database and it's use.

Why Workflow Works

Workflow really works because:

  • Workflow with Maximizer is either doing jobs for the user or alerting them (and a line manager) at the appropriate time for action. 
  • User's build habits quicker when they know a computer is going to nag them until they do it (they can't give excuses or negotiate with it).  
  • As the management team are less focused on the more detailed parts of  managing the CRM, this provides more time for analytics and usage review. 
  • The Workflow then helps enforce a new process should you need to change your use.

How Maximizer Workflow Works

Depending on the level of workflow you deploy you can:

  • Setup task templates that will schedule a number of tasks or appointments at pre specified times.
  • Have automatic email notification of service cases being created, assigned, escalated or resolved sent to customers and staff.
  • Build in data validation to make sure data is being entered correctly (for example, if you have a specific format to a serial number).
  • Automatically populate the database based on preset criteria (for example, the company record is set to customer when it has a won opportunity).
  • Email alerts based on either single or multiple criteria can be sent to one or many people.
  • Automatically produce reports and sned them to key management on the pre agreed day/time

Knowledgsync Workflow Automation with Maximiser will help you do more with your CRM whilst freeing up valuable management time. To speak to one of our consultants about Workflow with Maximizer CRM please complete our Maximizer enquiry form.

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