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Every business is unique. We all have our own ideas on the best approach for success.  Maximizer is a very flexible application but every "off the shelf" product has limitations.

Our expertise allows us to customise Maximizer quickly and effectively.  Customisation projects are very rarely substantial, most of the work we do could be classed as "advanced configuration".  Of course some projects are more substantial, but as a guide popular customisations have been:

  • Web integration beyond standard functionality
  • Dynamic data entry screens to improve the ease of data maintenance and validity
  • Additional database entities/modules that offer the customer a truly tailored system (e.g a Phone hardware tracking entity for a telecoms company)
  • Sophisticated reporting going beyond standard report capabilities.

We have examples of completed Maximizer customisation projects that may suit or be close to your requirements.  Alternatively  project costs can be controlled by using Advoco's customisation technology Synergy, this builds in a basic framework for so that we can focus on only having to customise what we need to add for your project.

Customers that have customised Maximizer find:

  • Improved adoption as users have a tool that works the way they need it to.
  • Your data becomes more valuable, it tends to be more accurate and just as importantly better understood.
  • Customers receive the benefits of  a bespoke system at an "off-the shelf" price.

At Advoco Solutions we have a structured process to help ensure you achieve your desired goals from customising Maximizer.  During a typical project we will:

  • Help build your requirements into an agreed specification for your project
  • Create a prototype for review
  • Enhance the prototype with any changes necessary
  • Deploy the final product into your business

We work with our customers to ensure that we not only provide what is required, but what you wished you'd required. To let us know about a potential Maximizer customisation project please fill in an enquiry form.

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