Importing Data into Maximizer

Maximizer Data Conversion

Import or migrate data into Maximizer from Excel, other CRM applications or other databases.

Maximiser Data ConversionData Conversion

When importing data into Maximizer it is vital that the data is imported accurately and into the relevant part of your new database.

Maximizer has standard functionality that allows basic importing.  But your data is not always ready to be imported in its original state.  Before importing your data we typically find ourselves:

  • Tidying the existing data
  • Restructuring the data to fit the Maximizer database format
  • De-duplicating the data
  • Merging numerous databases/spreadsheets into one

If your data is coming from another application then we will help extract data in a format that we can manipulate and convert into a Maximizer database.  It is very rare that we cannot convert your data to an acceptable standard.  We have experience in converting many database applications, including:

  • Microsoft Excel (inc file types such as CSV)
  • Microsoft Access
  • ACT
  • Goldmine
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our process starts in the design phase of your project in which we will:

  • Review which data you need in Maximizer.
  • Agree where this data will be stored in Maximizer (this varies depending on how you plan to use different modules)
  • Agree what data we will convert and what data you will insert manually
  • Agree what data we will clean (tidy, de-dupe etc) and what data you will clean.
  • Create sample conversions to handle any minor changes prior to live
  • Carry out the final Maximizer data conversion and install the data on your Maximizer system

 To find out more about our Maximizer data conversion services you please fill in an enquiry form to contact one of our consultants.

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