Maximiser Database Design

Maximizer Database Design

With help from one of our Maximizer business consultants, we make sure that your database design is considered and mapped to your business from go live.

Maximizer CRM Database DesignDatabase Design

At Advoco Solutions we work through our design process to help ensure that Maximizer is setup inline with your goals and real requirements. 

Although we tailor the tasks we need to undertake, a typical guide to what we do would be:

  • Agree and understand the main goals and real requirements for implementing Maximizer.
  • Review any data that needs to be imported into Maximizer.
  • Consider how users will enter the necessary data for both day-to-day usage and reporting.
  • List any extra fields or entities you will need to meet your data entry/reporting requirements.
  • Establish what parts of the system will need to utilised from day 1.  Whilst considering what parts you may use in the near future.
  • Agree how many remote users you will have.
  • Plan and agree content for any training that will be necessary.
  • Build a model for the security and permissions settings you will need.
  • Agree the reports that you will need and who will create them.
  • Create Documentation based on what we agree with you as your design

As a result of the design time both parties end up with:

  • An agreed specification for implementing Maximizer
  • A plan of action to achieve this (some projects will require a full project plan at this point)

To find out more about how we can help you please fill in an enquiry form to contact one of our consultants. 

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