Installing Maximizer

Maximizer Installation & Configuration

We make sure that Maximizer is installed and working properly, ready for you to get the most from your investment.

Installing & Configuring MaximiserInstalling & Configuring Maximizer

Installing Maximizer should be done as part of a consultative process. We tend to specify what exactly will be installed and configured as part of our design phase.  When installing a typical Maximizer system (new or upgrade) our consultant will:  

  • Install Maximizer onto each PC it will be used on.
  • Configure Email integration with Outlook
  • Apply any configuration settings agreed in our design phase (e.g security permissions)
  • Set up Max Exchange (Remote Syncronisation) on server and dedicated remote users.
  • Set up the Maximizer live update manager.
  • Ensure the Maximizer database is being backed up.
  • Make sure that the system is working in your environment and that is it configured to avoid any known issues.

If purchased then we will also install:

  • Max Mobile
  • Employee, Customer and Wireless portals
  • Any add-ons we have provided

Maximizer is normally installed on a windows server, but can also be setup to work in:

  • Citrix
  • Terminal Services
  • Locked down desktop environments (including packaging Maximizer for quick deployment)

Should you want to discuss your installation requirements with one of our consultants, please complete an enquiry form. 

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