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Maximizer CRM Integration

Integrate Maximizer CRM Software with other key business applications to improve process implementation and communication.

Integrating Software with Maximizer CRMIntegrating 3rd Party Software

Some businesses must provide their staff with access to key data across numerous business systems by integrating them. Typically these systems are:

  • Accounts packages
  • Systems that manage the processes and data around delivering your products or services (e.g. project management systems, order management systems)
  • ERP systems

We have examples of completed Maximizer Integation projects that may suit or be close to your requirements.

In the modern IT environment most applications can be integrated with Maximizer.  Our focus is typically on balancing the most cost effective way of providing the integration whilst maintaining an elegant sophisticated solution that meets your requirements (This is aided by using our core integration technology Synergy that builds a certain amount of functionality into the Maximizer interface before we have written any code).

Traditional reasons for our customers integrating with Maximizer are:

  • Improved customer journey by having all the data your staff needs to help them in one place
  • Increased productivity of internal resource.
  • Improved control and understanding of your business

At Advoco Solutions we have a structured process to help ensure you achieve your desired goals from integrating Maximizer.  During a project we will:

  • Help build your requirements into an agreed specification for your project.
  • Build a prototype for review
  • Enhance the prototype with any changes necessary
  • Deploy the final product into your business

We work with our customers to ensure that we not only provide what is requested, but what you wished you'd requested.  To let us know about your integration please fill in an enquiry form.

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