Maximizer Outlook Integration

Now it is easy for users to use Outlook and Maximizer simultaneously

Maximizer Outlook Integration. Synchronise Appointments & Contacts. Max Sync for Microsoft Exchange.Outlook Integration

A lot of your staff already use Microsoft Outlook for email correspondence and schedules. Now it is easy for users to use Outlook and Maximizer simultaneously.

Synchronise Calendars

Be alerted of all scheduled meetings and recurring appointments even if you only have one of the programs running with two-way synchronisation of Maximizer & Outlook calendars.

Integrate Email

View your Outlook messages inside Maximizer and automatically see which customer or prospect sent you the message.

CRM Access in Outlook

Use the Maximizer Tool bar inside Outlook for one-click saving of relevant emails sent and received to customers’ records in Maximizer, with automatic record matching, there's no cutting & pasting required.

Access Contacts

Grab email addresses from both Maximizer & Outlook address books for your email distribution. Synchronize contacts to Outlook and vice-versa to store a subset of customer records. Even import contacts from Outlook to Maximizer without reformatting or re-typing.

Synchronise to Handheld Devices

With Outlook 2-way synchronisation, you can access your contacts and appointments through your handheld device, such as BlackBerry®, Palm® or Windows Mobile device using Outlook Mobile.

MaxSync for Microsoft Exchange

Set-up meetings and keep track of appointments in a mixed environment where some people work in Maximizer and others work in Microsoft Outlook & Exchange.

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