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In Maximizer, if the data is in the database then it's reportable.  It is more a question of how you want to see the data in your report, or what the report needs to to with the data (e.g is it part of some calculation).  Maximizer provides a suite of reporting tools providing you with options to suit skills that are common place in most companies.

Quick Ad-Hoc Reports

Maximizer's column reports provide you with quick ad-hoc reports within the standard Maximizer interface.  Produce graphs, charts or tables based on the reporting criteria specified by you.  Column reports are great for quick access to your database and do not require a degree in IT to operate.

Excel Reporting

Some customers prefer manipulating data in Excel.  Over and above any preference, by exporting your report into Excel it is very easy to compare this data against other data (possibly not from Maximizer) and create more sophisticated reports (e.g. calculation fields, pivot tables etc).  Reporting this way provides your organisation with the business intelligence you need quickly and without the need for expensive IT expertise.


The Dashboards facility allows you to visualise key performance indicators (KPIs) through a personalised dashboard seeing a real-time snapshot of company performance (then drill-down to detailed reports for deeper analysis). See Sales, Service or Marking response either together or on their own to provide you with visual instant analysis of your companies\departments performance. See example of a Dashboard.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a market leading reporting tool.  Elegant but complicated reports are made simple with this tool.  With Maximizer you can have a license to use Crystal on your Maximizer database.  Allowing you to reproduce professional and sophisticated reports at a click of a button.  See an example of a Crystal Report.

Bespoke Reports

Sometimes a requirement is so specific that the most cost effective way of creating your report is for Advoco Solutions to create a bespoke report for you.  We have numerous ways of creating bespoke reports and work with you to deliver what is right for your requirement.

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