Netgear Business Networking

For over ten years, Netgear have delivered innovative networking products that deliver style, ease-of-use, value, performance, security, and reliability.

Netgear’s ProSafe™ Business Products

NETGEAR's range of secure wired and wireless business networking products are designed for businesses with up to 250 employees. Products include: VPN firewall routers for secure access to the Internet and corporate resources, managed and unmanaged switches and a range of network cards to connect any laptop or desktop PC to the LAN and Internet. 



NETGEAR's wireless network products extend the range of cabled environments to an entire office or site, enabling easy networking access for mobile users or hard to wire locations. Highest levels of encryption ensure maximum privacy & security.

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NETGEAR's Firewalls use industry standard security protocols to provide home and office network users and mobile workers with secure and private access to the Internet and corporate resources.

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NETGEAR's switches range from unmanaged switches for network segmentation to fully managed Layer 3 switches that operate as your LAN's backbone.

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NETGEAR's range of security products help protect your business investment and prevent unauthorised access to your LAN.

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Print Servers

Print Servers manage print requests from computers on your office network and make printer queuing information available to staff and network administrators. NETGEAR provides these devices as independent units, at attractive prices for small networks.

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Network Cards & Adaptors

NETGEAR offers a wide range of wired and wireless network cards and adapters to connect laptops, desktop computers and games consoles to a network and the Internet. The voice broadband adapter turns a home broadband Internet service into a telephone.

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