Remote working with Maximiser CRM

Remote Access & Connectivity

Access Maximizer CRM offline, via a web portal or on your mobile device.

Remote Access & Connectivity is available in Maximizer Group & aboveRemote Access & Connectivity

Maximizer CRM provides you with numerous ways of accessing and updating your database.  You can access Maximizer via:

  • Your network
  • Offline/locally on a remote users laptop/PC
  • The internet using a web portal
  • A mobile device

So no matter where you are you have instant access to your Maximizer CRM database.

Remote Users & Offices

Do you have remote offices and users in the field? You can stay up to date while working offline and synchronising your remote offices or users database with the main database using MaxExchange. 

Secure Remote Access

Allow remote and mobile workers to stay productive, even while offline, by keeping a copy of their database locally and synchronising it regularly with the central database. Do virtually everything an office (LAN-based) staff person would be able to whilst working remotely and synchronising regularly.  

Reliable & Secure

While synchronising, information is secured using 128-bit encryption and MaxExchange keeps track of transfer status so you don’t have to worry about data theft or loss.  

Fast Synchronisation

Remote users can rely on automatic or scheduled synchronisation, or sync with the click of a button back and forth over the Internet via either HTTP or FTP using a WAN connection, or over your email system. Filter records by owner and documents by age and size to reduce file transfer size.

Maximizer Web Access

Maximizer comes with a range of web portals to complement it's normal Windows interface.  The following portals are available: 

  • The Employee Portal offers your employees access to Maximizer via a web browser.
  • The Customer Portal provides your customers with secure access to log cases, search your online knowledgebase and update their information.  
  • The Partner Portal allows you to provide you key sales partners access to deals and customers they are associated with.
  • The Wireless portal allows you to have access to Maximizer via a web browser on your PDA or Mobile device.

More information is available on the Maximizer Over The Internet page.

Mobile Devices

Maximizer has a number of technologies aimed at different Mobile devices.  PDA, Mobile Phones and Blackberries are all catered for.  More information on the options available is on our Maximizer On Mobile Devices page. 

To speak to one of our consultants about Maximizer CRM or what remote technologies your system would use please complete a Maximizer Enquiry form. 

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