Maximiser CRM. Track & Manage Sales.

Sales Tracking & Management

Maximizer CRM Software allows you to track leads/enquiries through to won deals. Easily create pipeline and forecasting reports to manage your sales resource.

Sales Tracking & Management with Maximizer CRM Software.

Sales Tracking & Management

Maximizer allows you to track all of your sales communication, and provide management with key business intelligence. Control and improve your revenue streams whilst empowering sales people to succeed.

Centralise Your Data

No more islands of information! Centralise all of your customer interaction. Notes, Documents, Quotes, and emails all neatly stored and accessible to whom ever you choose.

Remote Usage

Ensure that all of your sales team has access to Maximizer when they need it. For more information on your remote options please look at the remote working page.

Task Management

Empower your sales people to manage their own desk. Clear and flexible task management allows your sales team to prioritise key tasks, and work on what makes a difference!

Lead Through To Sale Tracking

Record key sales information on any leads that come into your pipeline. Capture where they came from, what work is required to progress them, the ultimate outcome (won,lost,abandoned etc) and any relevant communication.

Map Your Sales Process

Include your own stages, stipulate task plans to ensure sales people work the way you want. Effectively capture the key data required to fuel key business reports.

Productivity Reporting

Understand what your sales team is doing (or not!) on a day-to-day basis. Measure the effort around your sales process and identify trends between achievement and productivity.

Forecast/Pipeline Reports

Gain visibility of your revenue streams. Understand how much revenue is coming in, when your deals will close and the impact on your resources (services) and/or stock levels.

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