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Synergy Maximizer Modules

Add extra modules into Maximizer such as Quote Management, Asset tracking, Renewals Management, Accounts Integration and Stock Control.

Synergy for MaximiserSynergy

Advoco Solutions have developed a technology called Synergy that easily allows extra modules to be added into Maximizer.

Synergy allows us to quickly create basic additional modules as well as providing a solid platform for meeting more complicated Maximizer customization requirements cost effectively.

For many customers, Synergy provides the same flexibility that comes with a Maximizer customization project, but is delivered faster with less risk and lower deployment costs. In plain English, Synergy is the quickest and cheapest way of adding extra modules into Maximizer.

Examples of completed implementations (with online demos or more information) are detailed below: 

Asset Tracking (e.g. Equipment \Property\Machines etc) Quote \Price List Management Renewal\Subscriptions Management Project Management Licence Manager Accounts\ERP Integration Event\Seminar Manager

Download Demo Download Demo Download Demo Online Demo   Online Demo  Online Demo 

Synergy could have many more uses.  These uses can be shown to you upon request.

From A User's Point Of View

Included in Synergy's pre-built core technology is:

  • Standard field types (pick list, numeric, date, hyperlink, alphanumeric)
  • Customizable screens, column layout & custom filters
  • Brandable user interfaces
  • Conditional fields (e.g. when Maximizer is selected from a pick list the number of users field is mandatory)
  • The ability to build lists based on single or multiple search criteria (using a Search All Fields facility similar to Maximizers)
  • The ability to link a record to more than one address book entry (e.g. quote information is visible on both the referral company and the end customer)
  • Security:  Field,  record, and module level security allows you to control how the module is used by individual users and security groups. 

From A Technical Point of View

  • Fields can be made mandatory and have data validation controls built in.
  • Each field or record can have a script built in to automate a process and/or create richer functionality (e.g. when a contract start date is selected automatically populate the contract end date 1 year later) 
  • Multiple custom modules can be linked into Maximizer
  • Modules can be independent or related to another part of Maximizer
  • Synergy is Max Exchange compliant (remote synchronisation)
  • Synergy automatically creates writable SQL views for importing, exporting, reporting and integration

Synergy is a very flexible technology and is often used to help reduce the costs involved in more traditional Maximizer customization projects.

If you are looking to customize or add more functionality to Maximizer then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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