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Maximise Your Server Resources

Server virtualisation enables one single server to be partitioned into multiple virtual servers – helping you maximise your server resources and cut costs on hardware.


It can also conserve physical space on your business premises, with several machines able to be consolidated into one server running multiple environments.


Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system, meaning it can be independently rebooted.



How Server Virtualisation Works

Server virtualisation is achieved through a software application, which masks the resources of the physical server from end users.


There are several vendors of virtualization software, but the main 2 we specialise in are VMware and Microsoft.


vSphere From VMware

VMWare is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, running a range of products and services including the class-leading vSphere platform.


vSphere virtualisation software runs directly on your server hardware, with no requirement for an underlying operating system – making it a flexible solution employed by many small businesses.


Indeed, vSphere is the solution we typically provide to customers, unless you are already running a Windows server.



Microsoft Hyper-V & Azure

Microsoft is VMWares prime competitor in the virtualisation space, delivering similar operational benefits through its Hyper-V platform.


Hyper-V is included in Windows Server, allowing you to realise cost savings and efficiencies while continuing to work with the Windows technology you already know.


Hyper-V is an ideal solution for on-premise server virtualisation, while Microsoft also offers virtualisation in the cloud through its Azure platform. The right solution for your business depends on your existing infrastructure, your ongoing requirements and of course, your budget.



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