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Manage Your Assets Through Your CRM

Developed through Synergy, our Asset Tracking and Management application can be used to keep track of any business assets, including those sold or assigned to your clients.


Record the location of your property (equipment, hardware, machinery), maintain details of warranties, contracts and renewals relating to those assets, and set up alerts for their expiry dates.

You can also use the application to:


  • Keep a record of maintenance and repair work carried out on your assets.
  • Issue warranty, contract, and renewal reminders to your clients.
  • Build lists in the address book based on assets details, warranty dates, etc.

Standard Synergy Functionality

The following standard features would be available to any Asset Tracking & Management system deployed with Synergy:


  • Customisable screen, column layout (including application or company branding, fields etc).
  • Build lists based on single or multiple search criteria.
  • Field and record level security to control how the module is used, allowing you to control what users can amend and view.
  • Custom filters to make popular searches one click away (e.g. supplier filters,product category filters).
  • Conditional fields data validation that helps ensure the correct information is captured (e.g. when Ford is selected from a list only Ford cars can be selected).

Reports & Analysis

Using the data in Maximizer and Synergy asset management system you can:


  • See reports by asset, warranty end date or client.
  • Analyse maintenance costs by asset manufacturer and model. Analyse warranty/contract renewal rates.
  • Use this information to understand which assets will require maintenance work will be required in the next 30, 60, 90 days.



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