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Custom-built Quoting System for Maximizer

You can now manage all your quotes, orders and price list requirements in Maximizer – thanks to a cost-effective, custom-built order system developed through our Synergy technology.

Seamless Integration

Our quotes and order management system integrates seamlessly into Maximizer, allowing you to:


  • Manage a price list for use in the quotes\orders area (including batch changes).
  • Create quotes that pull through line items from the price list as well as capturing any other information they need for quoting purposes.
  • Link quotes to multiple organisations (e.g. an agent or referrer).
  • Raise quotation documents to send to your customer.
  • Capture different versions of the quotation (version control).
  • Promote quotation to orders with extra fields and functionality available (e.g.Purchase order capture).
  • Build lists based on quotation content, values or status.

Standard Synergy Functionality

The following standard features would be available to any Quotes, Orders & Pricelist Management system deployed with Synergy:


  • Customisable screen, column layout (including application or company branding, fields etc).
  • Build lists based on single or multiple search criteria.
  • Field and record level security to control how the module is used, allowing you to control what users can amend and view.
  • Custom filters to make popular searches one click away (e.g. supplier filters, product category filters).
  • Conditional fields data validation that helps ensure the correct information is captured (e.g. when Ford is selected from a list only Ford cars can be selected).

Reports & Analysis

Using the data in Maximizer with our Quotes, Orders & Price list Management system, you can:


  • See reports by item, vendor, product type etc.
  • Analysis quotation and order values and success rates.
  • Analysis what quotes orders have been abandoned, what is outstanding or overdue.
  • Use this information to understand what stock/resources will be required in the next 30, 60 , 90 days.



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