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3 things that might worry you about cloud migration (but really shouldn’t)

1.    Security of data


Cyber security is a very real; and present danger to businesses, and individuals, in our predominantly digital world. It is thought that up to 88% of UK-based companies experienced data breaches throughout 2019 and into 2020 and, although this is actually lower than many other countries, we can’t escape the fact that one small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds.


Handing over data to your outsourced IT experts in order to migrate to using cloud storage is therefore, understandably, a worrying activity. That’s why it’s critical to know you are going to be receiving a secure, resilient, business-class solution.


Our fully managed back-up service means your files, folders and emails are encrypted to military standards and are only ever stored in secure, ISO Certified UK data centres. That’s as much peace of mind as it’s possible to get and we’re always working closely with our partners to improve what we offer so, when the next best thing is available, you’ll be the first to know.


2.    Scale of the task


Often, the thought of having to migrate physical systems to the cloud is simply overwhelming. Planning is, of course, the silver bullet here and the more time you spend designing and understanding your project, the greater the chances of success.


One of the things we work hard on here at Advoco is speaking to our clients in a language they will understand. The size of the task feels all the greater when you don’t really understand the ins and outs of technical solutions and so we promise to use language you can understand.


3.    Costs


At the end of the day, budget has to be a major part of your decision-making process. Migrating to the cloud can bring financial benefits in terms of saving on the need for real estate and creating a more flexible working opportunity as well as reducing the need for future investment in hardware. However, we acknowledge there will need to be an investment to migrate your existing business. To help reassure you, we take our usual approach of prioritising the value of our solutions to you and your business. That means we may suggest an approach or solution which ends up costing you less but which we feel is better suited to your business.


It’s also worth checking back to the start of this blog and reminding ourselves that the cost of cybersecurity is only going to rise and the cloud is a far safer solution with better backup options. As with all business decisions, it’s a cost versus benefit analysis.


We’re always happy to chat things through with clients, existing and prospective, so do give us a call if you want to find out more about cloud migration. We’ve got lots of experience and we partner with some of technology’s leading names, so we can find a solution to suit almost every size, shape and budget.