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Be Organised, Impress Customers with CRM

Become Organised, Impress your Customers

CRM systems allow you to work from one central database and keep it updated in real-time, so that every department and team member can plan and act on accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive customer information.

If a customer has a preference to only be contacted by phone within specific hours of the day, this will be held clearly on the customer record, visible to everyone. Respecting preferences like this is likely to increase the contact’s responsiveness to future interactions, building trust in which they feel listened to. Remember that 66% of adults say that valuing their time is the most important thing a Business can do to provide them with a good customer experience – so it pays to give your staff the right tools to make their sales approaches as effective as possible.


With Cloud CRM, Access Data Anywhere.

Thanks to the latest generation of Cloud CRM, your sales, marketing and service teams can have access to all the documents and data they need wherever they are, via mobile, tablet or desktop. This sharpens their productivity out of the office and – crucially – allows them to maintain those important customer or prospect conversations from any location, at any time.

A Cloud CRM platform – that your staff find easy to use – also reduces the need to continually cross-reference or update details, saving admin time. In fact, one of our customers whose employees are often on the road visiting clients told us that Maximizer CRM Live, our Cloud solution had halved the amount of calls back to the office, significantly boosting productivity as well as data integrity.


Achieve Precision-Targeting

One of the greatest benefits of CRM is the detailed visibility of historical data that can be transformed into actionable intelligence on customer buying patterns and shed light on the effectiveness of your sales and marketing.

For example, by using the range of smart tools available in our all-in-one CRM to analyse your company’s database, you can map your customer journey, identify the attributes of your ideal (or most profitable) customer and hone your lead scoring methodology. These exercises usually reveal many unexpected insights into your whole sales process and customer base, which will help you precision-target future campaigns based on real data rather than guesswork or risky assumptions. Ultimately, having customer and performance insight at your fingertips will ensure you make informed strategic decisions that optimise your time and resources.


Succeed at Customer Engagement

Customers love to feel valued. It’s quite simple: if a customer believes that you genuinely care about their business and their satisfaction, they are more likely to continue buying from you – at the expense of your competitors; to be open to up-selling approaches from your sales team; and to act as your brand ambassadors, helping you to attract other prospects just like them. No wonder that Customer Success is such an important focus for companies these days.


Your CRM software automates and streamlines customer engagement processes, providing you with a methodical and organised way of ensuring that every single customer receives appropriate, value-added interactions that improve their overall experience and satisfaction.


Scott Mehlenbacher, financial officer at Langara Fishing Adventures says using Maximizer CRM has given them anywhere access to complete guest histories, helping them rebook 50% of their guests whilst staying at their lodges and contributing to an outstanding 70% return guest rate.


Power your Productivity

Empowering individual teams to work more efficiently, and departments to collaborate more effectively, CRM saves your business time and boosts revenue. By leaving spreadsheets and laborious admin behind, your employees will have more time to concentrate on closing sales and keeping customers happy. This undoubtedly gives you the productivity edge over competitors – and what’s more, the advanced analysis and tracking capabilities of a CRM will give you the capacity to anticipate and respond flexibly to changes in the market.


These are just some of the ways that we are seeing our customers harness CRM to bring their business into line with every step of the New Customer Journey. CRM might have been originally conceived as a contact management tool – and certainly still fulfils this role very effectively – but today’s all-in-one Cloud software goes way beyond this, offering a powerful data management and multi-channel customer engagement platform that underpins sales, marketing and service. This integrated range of functions is one of the key reasons that CRM represented the largest area of the software market in 2017 and is predicted to grow at the fastest rate in 2018.


Drive Customers and power your productivity to new lengths.


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