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Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report

What is covered in the report….

Evolution of Malware

Malware is becoming more vicious. And it’s harder to combat. We now face everything from network-based ransomware worms to devastating wiper malware. At the same time, adversaries are getting more adept at creating malware that can evade traditional sandboxing.


Malicious Encrypted Web Traffic

50 percent of global web traffic was encrypted as of October 2017. Encryption is meant to enhance security. But it also provides malicious actors with a powerful tool to conceal command-and-control activity. Those actors then have more time to inflict damage.


Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Encryption also reduces visibility. More enterprises are therefore turning to machine learning and artificial intelligence. With these capabilities, they can spot unusual patterns in large volumes of encrypted web traffic. Security teams can then investigate further.


Did you Know?

  • PDFs are the most common file type targeted by insider threats
  • 53% of defenders manage more than half their infrastructure in the cloud
  • 34% of security professionals completely rely on machine learning
  • Mobile devices are number one
  • Nyetya was installed on more than 1 million computers
  • Defenders still favour best of breed


Download the Full Report Here

Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report