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Important emails keep vanishing?

Emails are highly important for Business.

With us all receiving hundreds of emails a week (or even a day) – across multiple devices, it’s almost too easy to accidentally delete or misfile an email, to never see it again!

With nearly all industries however big or small now relying on email as a formal, (and legally recognised) form of communication, it’s never been more important to ensure nothing from your flowing mailbox goes missing.

I’ve seen instances in my career where a client has won a high-risk court battle against a supplier, simply because they were able to produce email evidence of a contractual discussion. The win saved them from a potential £25m loss. This is quite a unique example, however a pertinent one to highlight the importance of access to emails (Past or current).

Much like your personal file data, you’d want to ensure your backup is protecting your emails too, correct?

So, how do we protect our Inbox?

With the mailbox carrying such a high level of importance to all our personal & working lives, we’d best make sure that we can recover every single email, just as easily as a Business’ file server.

Most entry to mid-range backup services won’t have an add-on available to backup your email platform. Especially if it’s something complicated like Microsoft Exchange that you are running within your own premises, or, if you are hosting your email within a service such as Office 365.

However! There are services that can do this.

What services can we use?

There are a multitude of backup service operators that now support direct-integration to backup from, and restore to, email hosting services, (whether that is on premises or within services including Microsoft Office 365).

Every IT professional will have their personal favourite, as a provider of Managed IT Services we have a few options open to us which we compare to best meet the needs of our individual clients.


In Summary

Backing up your data is not only useful, but can save your Business from utter disaster.

Backup your data, protect you Business from collapse, Cyber threats are real and they want your personal information.

At Advoco, we specialise in learning our clients’ business and best applying solutions to match their needs.

If you would appreciate a free brief discussion about your operational challenges & to explore the threats to your business, please get in touch today – 0345 260 8801 or drop us a line