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How to create a CRM that’s the perfect fit for your business


How to create a CRM that’s the perfect fit for your business

At Advoco, we’re proud to be the biggest resale partner to Maximizer CRM. Having a leading off-the-shelf CRM will revolutionise the way you run your business by helping you attract prospects, win new customers and increase your repeat business.


However, imagine all this and the power of being able to customise your off-the-shelf product to fit your business perfectly: that’s where we can help you with our in-house Synergy technology.


Why do we need a CRM?


CRM software is now the fastest growing software market in the world as businesses globally recognise the criticality of being able to access customer data in real-time. The digital boost driven by the pandemic has accelerated the need for platforms and technologies to be connected and CRMs become the hub of an efficient, effective business.


So-called Big Data – and the analysis of it – is the most valuable resource to any business. According to, there are three key benefits driven by having the access that a fully customised CRM brings:


  1. Cost reduction (quite simply, the cloud-based nature of CRMs saves on storage costs)
  2. Faster, better decision making (analytics are key in determining behaviours and trends needed to make decisions)
  3. New products and services (analytics are so powerful they can inform the future focus of business research and development)


The benefits of customisation


CRMs improve the efficiency and flow of business processes by offering automation, consistency and analytics. However, to really pack a punch, these systems need to be able to fit with your business, not the other way around.


Our in-house Synergy technology enables us to quickly and easily add extra modules to your CRM which means customising your CRM becomes more affordable at the same time as your business gaining an even greater boost in efficiency.


With apps for everything from quote management to event management, Synergy enables us to tackle complex customisation projects to create an entirely bespoke CRM system that works exactly as you need it to – all for the cost of an off-the-shelf package.


How much can you customise?


We’re proud to be renowned as the market leader for customising Maximizer CRM. We’ve delivered countless projects for different clients and we love a challenge so why not tell us what you want and see what we can come up with?


As standard, though, Synergy will provide the following functionality:


  • Customisable screen, to include branding and layout
  • List building based on single or multiple search criteria
  • Field and record level security so you can control what users can amend and view
  • Custom filters to create one-click searches
  • Conditional fields validation data to ensure correct information is captured


In the past we’ve delivered projects to create processes for:


  • Quotation and order management
  • Pricelist management
  • Renewals subscription management
  • Asset and hardware tracking
  • Various reporting and analytics tools
  • Advanced marketing lead capture and analysis


Being able to provide this additional, invaluable layer to our clients when it comes to their CRM solution means we can deliver on our promise: to always provide you with what you NEED as opposed to what you think you WANT. There are often cost benefits to be gained by finding out the right solution rather than delivering something generic which might not solve all your problems, or which you may not use to its full capacity.


It’s our mantra that we treat you, our clients, as partners and work closely with you to drive the very best results for your business.