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Outsourcing: also known as ‘peace of mind’


Microsoft recently rolled out their latest Windows 10 update, with the improved support of remote working being an unsurprising focus.


Usually their main annual update, this Spring’s changes are minor, with the Autumn update switching places to be the bigger change for 2021. For now, the biggest changes are related to camera support and being able to use multiple cameras on one machine.


A digital headache?


Keeping track of software updates, security needs and having reliable hardware is one of the biggest digital headaches for smaller businesses. If you’ve grown quickly, chances are you’ll be nursing a legacy solution for your IT needs and, suddenly, your systems become the single highest risk to business continuity. That level of criticality needs a robust, reliable solution.


It is precisely for this reason that we love working with ambitious small businesses.


Watching the weight visibly lift off their shoulders as they realise the risks are being managed appropriately; hearing the relief in their voices at the thought of someone being available at the end of the phone; seeing the glint in their eye as they begin to plan what to do with the time and resource, they’ve suddenly freed up within their business…


A 2019 survey by YouGov showed that a mere quarter (25%) of small businesses outsourced their IT, rising to 43% of medium-sized businesses. Despite these numbers, a massive 69% said they didn’t have the relevant skills or experience among their in-house team. This lack of adequate solution represents a tangible business risk.


The future of outsourcing


IT remains the largest sector in outsourcing, and, at the end of 2020, Forbes predicted a surge in outsourcing and, given what happened next, it’s even more likely that our reliance on digitisation will only increase.


Cloud computing now feels like an inevitability with the potential for office space reducing and outsourcing to experts could help businesses save on staff costs in the long run.


Of course, there’s also the march of AI: intelligent and automated business solutions that will further increase this reliance on machines.


It’s important to get your outsourcing right though.


According to Forbes, the following are likely to be trends for the coming years:


  • Emphasising quality and innovation over quality: it’s critical to pick an outsourcing partner who can offer what you really need, rather than supplying a lot of expensive but unnecessary business services;


  • Signing risk-sharing or outcome-based agreements: this is all about the outsourcing company you choose being customer-focused and building long-term relationships to enable them to grow with their clients;


  • Enforcing data protection and cyber insurance solutions: as our digital world grows, so do the risks and challenges associated with it. A good, reliable outsourcing partner will have your back when it comes to GDPR compliance and the need for ultra-robust cyber security.


Advoco: the ideal solution, always


At Advoco, we’re proud of having developed what we believe to be the ideal IT support package for small businesses. Our Standard and Standard+ packages are designed to grow with you and give you protection and peace of mind so you can get on with running your business.


If you’d like to know more, get in touch and we’d be happy to work with you to find your ideal outsourcing solution.