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The CRM that does it all

The financial services industry is rapidly changing.

Client expectations are higher than ever.  Everyday it’s becoming more challenging for advisers to juggle between the roles of an investment adviser, financial planner and a business manager; all while managing their operational needs and being compliant with the regulators to deliver high quality client services.


Ever considered a simple solution that can help keep you on track, whilst multitasking between each of those business roles? Make time to do the things you enjoy doing the most, in this case solely focus on managing your client’s capital. In order to be effective and not get yourself stuck in mundane tasks, it’s important to set yourself and your team up for organisational success. This is where a CRM can help keep all your client information in one place, help establish a clear communication channel within your company and keep you connected with your clients anytime, through mobile access.


To lead a successful financial practice, among other volatile factors, advisers often focus on areas that are most often in their control: client experience & maintenance, and lead generation. As an adviser, you are responsible for details regarding your client’s account information, if you have this information available at your fingertips, it creates a smooth on-boarding process for both adviser and client.


The Maximizer CRM was built by advisers, for advisers. Providing solutions to better understand and customise your clients’ needs, capture valuable data and helps you remain compliant. Essentially, the system gives you a competitive edge among your competitors and makes you thrive for higher results.


Client Experience & Maintenance

Using a CRM provides several benefits; one is the ability to track conversations and locate notes that are stored within the CRM simply and painlessly. When it comes to legal issues such as being audited, financial advisers must be prepared to retrieve notes or conversations they’ve had with their clients. This will give you confidence by storing, updating and maintaining client records automatically.


Whilst also helping you manage your client’s expectations, by identifying who some of your top clients are to better meet their needs. Our CRM helps you engage with your clients and reach out via emails about changes in their accounts, send event invitations and personalised condolences or birthday wishes for their major life events.


Lead Generation

Enjoy an overview of what step of the process your leads are in the customer life-cycle. Obtain detailed insights on who you’re talking to, what you need to be talking about, and how far you are from closing that specific sale. For example, if you initiate a conversation with a prospect at the first touch point, and have built a successful relationship, you can create a note under their account to refer to, prior to meeting them again. Preventing you from repeating your conversations & exhausting your leads. This approach can impress your leads and imply attentive behaviour providing a personalised experience at every step of the journey. Not only does this reduce prospecting time, but also boosts sales productivity.


Customer Relationship Management Software can help you tend to your leads and track your progress. The system enables you to build long term relationships and track every lead from the moment they begin their journey with your product. This enhances and streamlines the sales process and ensures better conversion rates for you and your Business.


In Summary

CRM software is not only useful, but a necessity for today’s modern financial adviser.

  • Giving you a 360-degree view of your clients, which allows you to provide better service in a timely manner.
  • Become better at targeting your leads by guiding them through the sales pipeline of CRM, without losing any opportunities and tracking their progress effectively.


Streamline your business processes and take the next step in communicating effectively and openly with your clients.

At Advoco, we specialise in learning our clients’ business and best applying security technology to their needs.

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