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Why harnessing your data means faster growth and better customer service…


When the term ‘big data’ was coined around 15 years ago, it’s unlikely anyone could have foreseen just how ‘big’ data would become.


And, while we’re by no means at the end of its growth, we do now have visibility of the power of good, well-managed data and how our increasing reliance on technology is making it the most valuable asset for any business.


However, like anything you possess in great volume, data is only useful if you know what to do with it. That’s where some of the emerging trends and tools already on the market will be able to add real value through AI, automation and analytics.


The main tool which helps businesses to get a handle on their data? Your CRM.


Why do I need a CRM for my business?


In the past, data analysts have spent the majority of their time collecting, preparing, and organising data. That’s why it’s often likened to a bowl of spaghetti. However, with a CRM such as Maximizer CRM, that job is automated, so the analysts have time to do the value-add part of their job: analysing.


The benefits of a CRM are far-reaching. The right system, configured specifically for your business, will hold your hand throughout your sales and delivery processes and ensure that the best version of your business can show up for every client, every day and on every project.


From management information leading to better-informed decision making, to clear, repeatable business winning processes, your CRM will enable every department in your organisation to work smarter rather than harder.


This article from lists 11 benefits of having a CRM which range from better sales forecasting ability to improved internal communications due to the clarity across the organisation in terms of who is speaking to whom.


Which CRM should I choose?


As with many tech solutions, there are a plethora of options out there. Some CRMs are almost as basic as a to-do list, suit the tiniest of budgets but will only go so far towards achieving what you need and therefore suit much smaller, simpler business models.


Many CRMs are hugely detailed, have fabulous functionality but are simply too big in terms of time and budget for some businesses to commit to. Others are only available off-the-shelf meaning the business has to bend to fit the shape of the CRM.


At Advoco, we work closely with Maximiser CRM because we believe it sits firmly in amongst these other options, offering the best value, an excellent level of bespoke configuration but also choices about how far you customise it. It can speak to many other apps to truly embrace your business and create efficiency and effectiveness you may have only dreamed of.


From sales management to automated marketing and customer service, bringing Maximiser into your business will mean your data is accessible and can be organised and analysed to empower you to increase your sales, make better business decisions and do these things whether mobile or desk-based. And that’s a key issue: mobile CRMs are still relatively new but a Nucleus Research report found that 65% of teams using them are achieving their sales quotas while only 22% of reps not using them have reached the same targets. And it’s a trend that’s catching on: in 2008 only 12% of businesses used a cloud-based CRM, that’s now increased to 87% (


Working with a provider that can create a fit-for-purpose solution that grows as your organisation (and data!) grows, can ensure that you truly harness the power of your small, medium or big data.


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